West Virginia Symphony League of the West Virginis Symphony Orchestra

WVSL Past Presidents

The activities and accomplishments of an organization traditionally reflect those of its leaders. Each league president contributes a particular brand and style of commitment and continues a pattern of dedication to the WVSL and other community projects following her presidency.

1943-44  Mrs. Luis Midence
1944-45  Mrs. Ruth Peterson
1945-46  Mrs. A. E. Teagan
1946-49  Mrs. R. E. O’Connor*
1949-50  Mrs. George H. Best*
1950-51  Mrs. Harrison B. Smith*
1951-52  Mrs. Clarence Dunn
1952-54  Dr.   Henrietta L. Marquis*
1954-55  Mrs. George Fremon*
1955-56  Mrs. Robert E. Witschey*
1956-57  Mrs. Alma Perry*
1957-58  Mrs. Robert P. Griefe
1958-59  Mrs. Hamilton Whitelaw
1959-60  Mrs. James F. Brown III
1960-61  Mrs. Roger Griffith*
1961-62  Mrs. Charles L. Isbell*
1962-63  Mrs. Kenneth Coghill*
1963-64  Mrs. Frank P. Cerutti
1964-65  Mrs. George S. Sharp
1965-66  Mrs. Beulah L. Hash*
1966-67  Mrs. James Cross
1967-68  Mrs. Warren Troutman
1968-69  Mrs. Carl J. Roncaglione*
1969-70  Mrs. Eugene P. Collins
1970-71  Mrs. William R. Rice
1971-72  Mrs. J. Marshall Holcomb 
1972-73  Mrs. Robert 0. Hickman* 
1973-74  Mrs. Thomas S. Riggs
1974-75  Mrs. James L. Mangus
1975-76  Mrs. Mary Lobert*
1976-77  Mrs. Marie Schaefer*
1977-78  Mrs. John B. Saunby
1978-79  Mrs. Shirley Furry
1979-80  Mrs. Robert O’Connor
1980-81  Mrs. Joseph C. Hovious
1981-82  Mrs. Dominic Gaziano
1982-83  Mrs. John McClaugherty
1983-84  Mrs. Harvey Sherman
1984-85  Mrs. Franklin Pelurie
1985-86  Mrs. Helen F. Lodge* 
1986-87  Mrs. David L. Shuman 
1987-88  Mrs. Constantino Amores
1988-89  Mrs. Lionel Nair
1989-90  Mrs. Robert P. Walbridge
1990-91  Mrs. Robert J. Busse
1991-92  Mrs. John Neuner
1992-93  Mrs. Ghassan Dagher
1993-94  Mrs. Sue Zaldivar
1994-95  Mrs. Tanya Law 
1995-96  Mrs. Francie Freeman 
1996-97  Mrs. Penny Fioravante
1997-98  Mrs. Kathi Diehl
1998-99  Mrs. Helen F. Lodge 
1999-00  Mrs. Patti Carnemolla
2000-01  Mrs. Mala Bumgardner
2001-02  Mrs. Linda Jernigan
2002-03  Mrs. Diva De Lara
2003-04  Dr.   Barbara K. Warren
2004-05  Mrs. Kelly L. George
2005-06  Mrs. Janice L. Lessley
2006-09  Mrs. Kathy Beckett
2007-08  Ms.  Beth Ann Surber
2008-09  Mrs. Yolanda Tam
2009-10  Mrs. Shelia Neal
2010-21  Mrs. JoEllen Bursinger Zacks
2012-13  Mrs. Erin Brewster
2013-14 Ms. Belle Manjong
2014-15 Ms. Marisa Pedro