West Virginia Symphony League of the West Virginis Symphony Orchestra

Organizational  Flowchart




The West Virginia Symphony League (WVSL) shall be affiliated with and serve as an auxiliary of the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra, Inc. (WVSO, Inc.).

 Historically, the WVSL has functioned with a great deal of independence.  Although the WVSL often conducts its business as a separate organization, it is in fact not separate —it is, from a legal standpoint, a Standing Committee of the WVSO, Inc., operating under the umbrella of the WVSO with regard to various areas such as, tax exempt status, insurance policies, etc.

Thus, since the WVSL is part of the WVSO, Inc., it answers to the WVSO's Executive Committee and President. The role of the WVSO staff is to carry out general policies of the WVSO Board, with responsibility for making day-to-day decisions in the operation of the WVSO as a business.