West Virginia Symphony League of the West Virginis Symphony Orchestra

Active Membership Requirements


Active members must serve on at least one committee, serve on the Sumphony Sunday committee, and pay annual dues of $50, which is also dues for sustaining members. Lifetime dues is a one time payment of $500. Please remit dues to: Ruth Joseck, 882 Sherwood Road, Charleston, WV  25314.  The membership form is here.  The membership renewal form is here.


Corrections and additions to the Roster will be published in online in the members only section. Our newsletter, The Score, will also be posted online, with the names of new members.  Those who have no online access may mailings by US mail. Revised names of members and committee membership lists will be posted regularly on the web site (wvsl.org).



The fiscal year of the WVSL is July 1 to June 30.  Dues are payable by June 1st of each year for the coming year.  Dues are $50.00 annually or $500.00 for life membership. 



All work is done through committees.  Active WVSL membership requires members to serve on at least one committee.  Please join several committees!  The WVSL Roster lists only committee members who submitted their preferences on the yearly dues/committee form before the Roster deadline.  Please check the www.wvsl.org website for current committee member lists.  Members may ask to change or join committees at any time during the year by calling or sending an e-mail to the Vice President of Membership at rjoseck@gmail.com.  Please also email to suggest any new fundraising or community awareness activities you would like to lead or have the WVSL sponsor.