West Virginia Symphony League of the West Virginis Symphony Orchestra

through 2006

This award may be given to a WVSL member who has shown continuous service for a period of fifteen years or more with outstanding contributions.  Nominees may be submitted to the DSA Committee.  This award is presented only when merited and not intended to be an annual award.  A Distinguished Service Award may be presented in the Spring, Winter and/or Fall.

1989 Mrs. James F. Brown, II (Catherine)
1989 Mrs. Hugh Curry (Jane*)
1989 Mrs. Robert Griffith (Ann*)
1990 Mrs. George Sharp (Vivienne)
1990 Mrs. Frank Cerutti (Lilyan)
1990 Mrs. E. Jackson Shaver (Betty)
1991 Mrs. Carl Roncaglione (Tommie*)
1992 Mrs. John Saunby (Eileen)
1992 Mrs. William Rice (Marge)
1992 Mrs. Dominic Gaziano (Rosalie)
1993 Mrs. Helen F. Lodge*
1994 Mrs. David Shuman (Becky)
1994 Mrs. Harvey Sherman (Phyllis)
1994 Mrs. John L. McClaugherty (Sallie)
1995 Mrs. Charles Entsminger (Marge)
1996 Mrs. A. L. Emch (Pam)
1996 Mrs. J. L. Leef (Alfreda)
1998 Mrs. Jim Mangus (Jane)
1998 Mrs. Frank Law (Tanya)
1999 Mrs. John Neuner (Connie)
2000 Mrs. George B. Warner (Margie*)
2001 Mrs. Constantino Amores (Dr. Diana)
2002 Mrs. Karl Foster (Maxie
2002 Mrs. Betty Walbridge
2003 Mrs. Elizabeth McConnell
2004 Mrs. Sue Zaldivar
2005 Mrs. Patti Carnemolla
2006 Mrs. Bessie Lively*
2011 Mrs. Janice Lessley
2012 Mrs. Linda Jernigan
2013 Ms. Beth Ann Serber