West Virginia Symphony League of the West Virginis Symphony Orchestra

WVSL Committee Chairs 2015-2016


Archives                        Sallie McClaugherty

By-Laws                        Erin Brewster, Shelia Neal   

Children's Tea                Gail Carter, Wendy McCusky

DSA                         Patti Carnemolla, Tanya Law, Pam Emch, Sallie McClaugherty, Janice Lessley

Fashion Show                 Lesley Lundell Oxley, Joni Deutsch

Finance                          Sandy Call

Gala                               Missy Rubin, Shelia Neal, Jo Ellen Zack

Historian/Scrapbooks     Shelia Neal

Holls Chocolate               Sallie McClaugherty

Meetings/Mailings/Invitations Jamilah Clarke, Patti Carnemolla, Megan Shelton

Kroger Cards                  Patti Carnemolla

Melonious                           Shelia Neal

Membership                    Ann Urling

Nominating                     Marisa Pedro (Chair), plus two to be appointed by Morgan Robinson

Storage                          Reggie Canemolla,   Sallie McClaugherty

Symphony Sunday (SS)    Shelia Neal, Erin Brewster, Missy Rubin

Webmaster                     Barbara Warren

Young People’s Concerts Laura Lee Albert, Helen Epps